👋 Hi there! I am Khabibur Rokhman

I am a passionate self-taught web developer from Rembang, Indonesia, with a unique journey from a high school graduate and factory worker in 2017 to a skilled programmer today. My determination and rapid learning have fueled my career growth, and I am eager to bring my versatile skill set and fresh perspectives to new challenges and opportunities in the tech industry.

I build web using various JavaScript frameworks, Like Reactjs, Express, Next, etc. Outside of my job as an employee, sometimes I often do street photography, write blogs, read novels, and badminton.


  • Bootstrap (3+), Cakra-ui, TailwindCSS
  • Node js, JavaScript (ES2015+)
  • jQuery, Reactjs, NextJs
  • Mysql, MONGODB, Redis
  • Git, Linux (basic command-line operations)